We are dedicated to guiding expansion and middle market companies in their growth and exit plans.

The Yale Group conducts a broad range of services and transactions on behalf of its clients including:

Private Placements

  • Senior Debt
  • Mezzanine Debt
  • Private Equity
  • Venture Capital
  • Recapitalizations
  • Private Investments in Public Entities (PIPEs)
  • Restructurings
  • Turnaround Financing

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Company Sales
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs)
  • Management Buyouts
  • Corporate Divestitures
  • Acquisition Searches

Financial Advisory

  • Expert Witness
  • Business Valuation
  • Corporate Development
Private Placement of Debt and Equity – The Yale Group assists clients in obtaining capital to finance a broad array of requirements including business expansion, buyouts or employee ownership. We evaluate the optimal capital structure and identify capital sources that fit the profile. Our focus is on swift execution and achieving the highest possible value. We work with more than 1,000 domestic and international private capital sources for senior debt, mezzanine debt and equity capital. Our goal is to create competition among capital sources and maximize shareholder value.

Recapitalization – We source the equity capital and arrange financing to provide the owners of closely held businesses partial liquidity while maintaining control. In addition to receiving a signification portion of the cash at closing, the shareholder usually retains majority ownership, continued management responsibility, and if desired, an active role for the subsequent generation of family members to run the company.

Company Sales – The Yale Group specializes in representing private company for sale. The objective is to maximize the consideration received for the assets of stock. This comprises valuing the business, preparing a selling memorandum, developing a complete list of potential buyers, contacting those buyers, arranging meetings, assisting with negotiations and coordinating the close.

Acquisitions – The Yale Group helps acquiring companies refine and implement their growth strategy and diversification plans. This includes setting goals, researching extensively to identify and screen qualified acquisition candidates, then approaching them. We value the target company, assess the financial impact of the transaction on the acquirer, structure the transaction and coordinate the close.

Management Buyouts – We assist management in buying their company’s operation division or subsidiary. We provide advice on the feasibility of the transaction, research and support the price, arrange the financing and help close the transaction.

Business Valuations and Expert Witness – The Yale Group performs valuations for a wide range of purposes including transaction modeling, leveraged buyouts, buy-sell agreements, strategic planning, ESPOs and estate planning. Lawsuits, martial dissolutions, and other situations where company assets are at stake frequently require a valuation. The Yale Group supplements these valuations with expert witness testimony as needed.

Corporate Development Services – Resources are thin for young companies and operational issues often engulf them. We assist Management corporation development services to identify new market opportunities, open new channels of distribution and develop strategic partnerships at the highest levels. We also refine your business plan. Every aspect of it is carefully reviewed and examined. Our goal is to maximize enterprise value through effective strategic planning.

Letters of Credit and Credit Enhancements – The Yale Group is expert in obtaining bank letters of credit or bod insurance enhancements for tax-exempt bonds. Both LOC’s and bond insurance substantially lower interest costs on otherwise non-rated, tax-exempt bonds. The Yale Group has obtained more than $250 million of LOC’s for a diverse array of clients.

Municipal Bond Underwriting – The Yale Group specializes in financing small to medium-sized land developers and builders who haven’t used tax-exempt financing to fund significant expenditures that fall within federal tax rules for public infrastructure. The Yale Group has acted as financial advisor, private placement agent or underwriter in a variety of creative tax-exempt bond transactions.